Bonus Videos

Bonus Videos

Short on time? Check out one of our shorter videos great for more targeted work, a warm up or an extra stretch. These shorter videos are also great as an add-on to any of our other classes.

Bonus Videos
  • Beats Cycle: 5 Minute Arms - #1

    Join Stephanie for a quick 5 minute arm track to play before one of our beats cycle classes for that extra focus on your arm muscles! Grab your weights, and we will see you when you press play! Need equipment? Click here:

  • Beats Cycle: 5 Minute Pre/Post Ride - #1

    Need to warm up before a 20 min Beats Cycle class or cool down after a Beats 30 class? Or do you just need 5 minutes of movement to destress? Press play on this quick 5 minute ride with Stephanie today! Need cycle shoes? Click here:

  • 10 Minute Stretch - #1

    Danyelle takes you through a short stretch perfect to add-on to the end of another workout or to close out your day. Suggested Props: Mat

  • 10 Minute Booty Burn - #2

    Danyelle takes you through this quick booty burn that targets all sides of the glutes. Suggested Props: Hand weights and a chair.