• Day 1: Full Body HIIT 45

    Grab your heavy weights for this full body tone designed to strengthen every muscle from head to toe. Don't be fooled by the upper body focused exercises...your legs and booty will not be left out. Follow up with our 10 minute Full Body YRevive stretch. Suggested props: Light, medium and heavy ha...

  • Day 2: Beats 30 - Cycle Option

    Grab your water, a towel and clip in for a 30 minutes Beats Cycle class mixed with sprints, jumps, seated climbs and more. Don't forget to turn up your resistance to enhance your training and turn up the follow to ride to the beat with Stephanie, Corlese and Danyelle!

  • Day 2: Tabata Cardio 30 - No Equipment Option

    Be prepared to sweat and pant with this 30 minute straight up Tabata Cardio class. Corlese and Stephanie will take you through 5 Tabata blocks that include all their "love to hate" moves like High Knees, Frog Jumps, Mountain Climbers, Burpees and more! Suggested Props: None.

  • Day 3: Upper Body Build 30

    This 30 minute strength training class is designed to work your upper body effectively and efficiently. We will work ever muscle group in your upper body so you will need a variety of weights to work the various muscle groups of your arms. We will use heavier weights 12-15 pounds and lighter we...

  • Day 4: Lower Body Barre 30

    Join Danyelle, Corlese and Stephanie in this 30-minute lower-body focused barre scorcher! This class is intended to help you find your shake, embrace the burn, and build long, lean muscles in the glutes and legs. Modifications given to make this accessible for all. Suggested props: chair or count...

  • Day 6: YSculpt 45

    You will hit every body part in this 45 minute YSculpt class with killer abdominal work, power lunges with cardio to spike that heart rate, a fun bicep sequence and glutes with chest work to finish it off. Join Corlese and Danyelle for this challenging and fun class with several modifications to ...

  • Day 7: YRevive 45

    Last day of the challenge -- time to stretch. it. out! Join Danyelle along with Corlese and Steph in this full-body yoga class. Blending flow with static holds to open up the big muscle groups we've worked throughout this challenge. Focus on the breath and relaxing where you feel the most tension...

  • Bonus Core 10 Min

    Grab 1 weight, a ball or just your abs for this one! A quick 10 minute core burner designed to give you a little extra at the beginning or end of a workout, or just on its own. Suggested Props: 1 weight, ball and a mat.

  • Bonus Day 1 and 6: Full Body Stretch

    Quick full-body stretch to open up the hips, shoulders and spine and to release tension from the major muscles in the legs, core and upper body! Suggested props: 2 blocks